Parking Sensors and Rear-view Cameras

Parking Sensors

At Auto Installations we understand the importance of product reliability, functionality and cosmetic appeal. After years of working for main dealer networks where it is essential to meet certain standards you can expect to receive a brilliant installation experience and a top quality product. Our Parking Sensor range has been chosen because it meets all the criteria for reliability, functionality and great looks!

Not only will our product look great but it will help keep your vehicle and pedestrian public safe whilst manoeuvring.

We offer a choice of products to suit most budgets from our standard audible only AI-01 range of parking sensors which we colour code to match the bumper of your vehicle. This is available for both front and /or rear of your vehicle as pictured below.

Our AI-01R Standard rear parking sensor upgrade

Our AI-01F Standard front parking sensor upgrade

To our AI-OE range of flush mounted parking sensors just like most factory fitted systems. These can also be connected to the original display on some vehicles to truly resemble the vehicle manufacturers factory fitted option.

Our AI-OE-Rear Sensors

Our AI-OE-Front sensors

Original display visual

Rear View Cameras

At Auto Installations we have scoured the market to find the best products for our customers. Our range of reversing camera’s, monitors and interfaces have come from tried and tested suppliers with a pedigree in the market. This means you can rest assured the product will work well in most conditions and will look the part too!

There are a few options available from our camera/smart mirror systems to our fully integrated factory-fitted style range which can in some cases give you moving guidelines on the vehicles original screen.


Visual Display through the vehicles original screen using a vehicle-specific AI interface.

Some of our rear camera’s

With all of these options, you can be sure you will see what you cant through your mirrors or rear screen!