Hands Free Car Kits

Hands Free Car Kits

It is now Law that you cannot touch or use a mobile phone whilst behind the wheel unless it is fixed to the dash and completely hands-free.

At Auto Installations we want to protect you, your licence and other road users by offering some great Hands-Free Car Kit products

Parrot MKI9100 Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit with Music Streaming

Bury CC9068 Touch Screen Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit with Voice Activation and Music Streaming

Vaux Voice by Meta Systems

This system integrates with the original Vauxhall radio screen and steering wheel controls to give the driver a factory-fitted feel to their handsfree experience. (Please check for compatibility)

Fiscon VW/AUDI Integrated Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit Upgrade

Integrates into the existing radio screen and uses the factory steering wheel controls. (Please check for compatibility)